Hertz XR7G for sale

I’ve put my Red on Red Hertz XR7-G for sale on Ebay. It is a project vehicle. I’ve included multiple videos that shows the car in detail.

Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns.



Now that the auction has ended, can you reveal what your reserve price was? Thanks!

Since your EBay auction did not meet the reserve, will you be relisting the car.

Thanks Scott

Scott, I’m thinking that I need to have the roof replaced before I list the car again. I think people are getting scared off by the roof rust.

What are your thoughts about the listing and the car.



Zoli, The ebay listing was good. I liked fact that there was links to youtub videos, and the videos showed exactly what someone would be getting as well as all the problem areas. Having the roof replace might help in selling the
car, because the new owner won’t half to deal with the extra cost of shipping the roof to the new location. Also
what do you need for the car as it is right now.

Thanks Scott

Thanks for your feedback Scott. I need $10k now as it sits. I have more into the car than that.