High flow water pumps

My FlowKooler high-flow water pump has been very noisy since day one, and it’s time to replace it. Does anybody have experience with the Summit Racing high-flow water pumps? The price seems good for a high-flow pump. My 351C runs noticeably cooler with the high-flow impeller designs.

Long time FlowKooler user here. Guys on Vintage Mustang Forum speak highly of the Edelbrock high flow water pumps from my recollection.
No input from me on the Summit pump.

I run the edelbrock and have for 15 years or more. It’s a good piece

I love the FlowKooler design and it works great. But it has squeaked from day one - sounds like a squeaky door hinge when turned by hand, whistles when engine is running. It sat on the shelf for 7 yrs before use which might have something to do with it. Glad to know you haven’t had this problem with FlowKooler.

Edelbrock looks great, but pricey. If I spent that much, I might just go for a rebuilt D0OE-D with proper date code from these guys in Oregon:

Perhaps FlowKooler can rebuild it for you?
I like the aluminum body on the FlowKooler, and I believe Edelbrock, water pump. Less likely to corrode than iron, some heat transfer from the pump body itself, and somewhat lighter than the cast iron pump body. I didn’t paint mine so you can see the aluminum finish too.

Deadnutson sells the Boss 302 design impeller which I believe is hi flow. BOSS 302 Cast Iron Water Pump Impeller - Dead Nuts On or they use to. Says do back in stock in June '24

Thanks everyone for all the great input! Everything else on the car is original numbers matching, so I ponied up for a rebuilt original D0OE-D dated early Nov 69. It was rebuilt with the Boss 302 6 curved fin hi-flow impeller. My engine had been assembled later that same month. It probably won’t move as much coolant as my FlowKooler, but hopefully enough to keep the 351C cool without needing the restrictor plate under the thermostat. I’ve got the correct RobertShaw thermostat which is essential.