Holley Float Bowl Replacements/Primary

Hello all,
After years of rebuilds and tune-ups the primary duel feed Holley float bowl will not seal at the adjustment. From not knowing how the adjustment works to poor environmental conditions, these threads take abuse. If not looked after the potential problems could be life threatening.
In search of a replacement I bought 2 different castings of this 134-108 bowl under the impression that these are HOLLEY company parts. After receiving them I’m not sure. I post this here so others who are looking to replace a gas-bra might make a decision on weather or not to spend the beans on a nos part. I was surprised at the casting quality and final process differences. Casting flash being of some concern. Maybe these parts are well known in the carburetor community but I could not find any comments on them.
Lastly, I drive my Cougar and would like the under hood appearance to be original but that is getting harder to do. My decision to go aftermarket is based on safety. The PROFORMANCE bowl is likely better but the other doesn’t stand out as much. I noticed other differences but would like to know what others think.
How about an oversized float adjustment set?