Holley metering block reference?

So, I have a lot of Holley stuff- carbs, parts, and books. But I have yet to find a reference that will go either what the carb should have, or what the metering block goes to- The illustrated parts and specs book only shows a generic number, 125-30, etc. I’m trying to verify if I have the correct blocks on my 600 DP, but would like to be able to positively identify individual parts as well.

Holley 1995 performance catalog p/n L-30498 has a chart at the back by list # . Gives part # for all components down to screws and gaskets . Give me the list no and ill see if its here.

It’s a 4776-2, 600 DP. The front metering block is 8520 and the rear is 6502. The book I have, shows a “part number”, but not by application.

Primary is 134-145 and secondary is 134-153

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I have those numbers as well- but they don’t do me any good, hence the question-