Holley throttle linkage

1968 GT, manual transmission

When I got my stock Holley back from the rebuild, the throttle lever was connected at the “#2” hole:

My shop manual indicates it should be connected at the “#1” hole:

Any reason not to switch it to the #1 position specified in the manual? Will I need to make any other adjustments besides moving the throttle rod to adjust pedal height back down?

I don’t think you will notice any difference either way. If you move it then you need to check the accelerator pump adjustment with a feeler gage as the manual says.

Might not hurt to check that with the pedal on the floor you get wide open throttle. Would suck to adjust the pedal to where you think it should be and find out when you go to pass that you are only getting a small portion of maximum …

I would see which one gets you true WOT when you floor the pedal. Also moving the attachment point closer to the throttle shaft gives you less leverage, so the gas pedal may be “sticky” on initial tip-in.

The hole being discussed changes the peak point of the accelerator plastic cam. It has no effect on the secondaries or WOT.