Hood for 68 - West coast

I am still looking for a good donor hood as mine is too gone to use.
Please let me know if you have one or know of one.


See this?

Royce, I drove down to WCCC last week to pick up my new hood. I was very impressed with the quality and match to the original.
I apologize for not replying to your post sooner as I am not very used to using the messaging feature on here.
Do you know if Scott Fuller is still making exhaust hangers?

Yes he is. I thought Don was carrying them at WCCC?

Thirty seconds on the WCCC site and I found this:

Yes I am aware he has the set. I only need the Driver side and he is out of stock. I also got a hold of Scott Fuller. I am debating if I want repop for less money or try to find a used original for a little more. They do seem rather hard to find.
Not spending $400 for a full set i don’t need.
Question for you on mufflers, to use the original Y hanger, do mounting brackets need to be added to what ever brand I get like Flowmaster to make those hangers work proporly?

I hold the muffler where I want it to end up and mark through the holes. Then I weld two 5/16"-18 bolts 2" long to each muffler. I then install a set of nuts for the bracket to bottom on, and a second set of nuts with lock washers secures the muffler to the bracket. So you need four 5/16" X 18 NC bolts and eight 5/16" X 18 NC nuts and four 5/16" lock washers.

Royce, that is exactly the information and tip I needed. A simple but effective solution.
What has been your preference on muffler brands?
There are so many out there. I want something with some rumble but not too quiet or loud.

I used the house brand on my GT-E last time. I took them home and welded on the bolts, then took the car and the mufflers back to the muffler shop where I watched the installation.

Believe me it rumbles. For many years I used 2 chamber Flowmasters on that car. The problem I had with the Flowmasters was the internal baffles would come loose unexpectedly then you would need to replace the mufflers. I always replaced both as a precaution.

U still need a hood