Hood scoop differences


Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between the two hood scoops for:

The 1968 XR7-G and
The 1968 XR7-GTE ?

I’ve seen both for sale on various websites for various prices. But I honestly can’t see any difference between the two scoops. I assume if there is a difference, it is in the size, but that is just a guess.

I have seen the XR7-G scoop on sale on different sites, but they are different sizes, according to the listed specs. But they look like they are the same scoop.

Can anyone give me any insight? I’d like to know the differences, and the actual sizes of the two scoops if possible.

Note: I don’t need any discussion in the eliminator scoop, since that is very easily distinguishable from these other two scoops. (Sounds like a raisin bran commercial)


The difference is in the blocked off part in the front. The GT-E scoop is solid while the G scoop kind of looks like a grille.

Here is what I can tell you, everything is just how Al stated in his post as far as the faux “nostril” openings. You metioned the Eliminator type of scoop. One very similar was also used on any 1968 428CJ Cougar, GT-E and XR7G’s (these are fiberglass Eliminators are plastic). Posted below are links to WCCC’s wesite and the measurements are listed for each scoop.
WCCC’s GT-E Scoop
WCCC’s XR7-G Scoop

My XR7-G Scoop

Thanks. So, if I understand you correctly, the scoop that 1967 S code posted is the G scoop because of the grille-like inserts? What does the G look likes then, one solid piece that blocks off the hole a few cm back from the opening, or is it blocked off flush?

Other than that, they were the same? I thought the GTE scoops were functional, correct? Or is that incorrect? If functional, why would the GTE Scoop look solid? Wouldn’t it look like a grille to let air in?

In looking at the pics posted on the WCCC site, I can see the difference from the front. But my question still stands… Why were the GTE scoops closed off? We’re they not functional either? I thought they were functional, and the hood had the hole cut into it for air flow to the carb.

One other question. Someone mentioned that these were fiberglass. Are all the repros fiberglass, and were the originals fiberglass also?

Thanks for your replies so far!

The only scoop that was fuctional in '68 was if the car was equipped with the 428CJ, in which that scoop was completely different from the XR7-G & GT-E (see Bill Basore’s XR7-G CJ for that example). That includes all models, ie: Standard, XR-7, GT, XR7-G & GT-E. :slight_smile: John

GTE’s had two engine packages. 427 and the 428CJ both 7 Litre engines. The 428CJ had the functional ram air scoop and the 427 did not. Here is a picture from the GTE registry showing the difference.

GTE Scoops

XR7G 428 with the functional ram air scoop

XR7G with non functional hood scoop

Thanks all.

I didn’t realize until now that the 427 did not have ram air, but the 428 did, so, that explains my issue. The other thing I didn’t realize is that the 428’s scoop was different than the faux scoops of the G and 427.

I love this place.

XR7-G specific hood scoops were made of fiberglass by A.O. Smith along with all the Shelby fiberglass.


It shouldn’t take that much to make the XR7-G scoop functional.

The biggest obstacle is getting the air cleaner to seal to the hood. Cutting holes is the easy part. Bill covered this in the thread topic:1968 XR7-G hood scoop functionality.