Horn issues- intermittent contact

1968 base Cougar.

Its been sitting for years and finally got its second life this week.

So, I have a horn issue. I installed a new horn ring (PO had broken the circle part off)… I got the high note horn to honk fine… low note doesnt work. Fine. I ordered a new one. Yesterday I was in the garage working on putting the dash etc back in… I tried the horn again and it just makes the faintest noise like it tries… I checked voltage at the horn and saw its very intermittent… Found that if I push the horn ring in and wiggle it and get it just right i can get it to almost make a complete honk… so it tells me the contacts are bad someplace.

Now, with me being at work and not at the car, I havent looked but Just ordered the steering wheel horn ring contact set, says it includes 2 horn contact plates, insulator, mounting plate and screws…

also ordered contact spring and insulator kit, says an NPD exclusive item but who knows for sure… So, that being said, is that the only areas of the horn contacts that can fail and make intermittent contact like that depending on pressure applied? anything else I should look for?

The horn rings under the steering wheel need to be greased. Otherwise the contacts wear off the turn signal switch quickly.

The horn has an adjustment screw on the back of each one. Otherwise you can drill the halves of the horn apart and file the points. New gaskets and rivets are available from Zip Products (it’s a 1963 - 75 Corvette horn repair kit).