How many are left?

So I stumbled upon this, mostly because I do have a 69 R code 428. These are now 51 years old (can’t believe it has been that long). This truly means as a baby boomer I am no longer in my early 20’s. So based on my Marti report there were 365 made with 428 auto. After all this time how many have survived our youthful exuberance and rusted bodies. We should have a listing of the cars that have survived (whether derivable or not). For privacy concerns we could drop the last 2 number of the VIN. I will put mine out there 9F93R5435XX. My car runs/tagged and it is currently undergoing restoration.

The Cougar Club of America has several data bases for our cougars. There are registrars assigned to various models. Give them a look.

This is the correct link to the CCOA Web site;
They do have a 428 registry, here is the link to it.,
Click on the contact Registrar Scott Taylor link and send him a message.

Also keep in mind that the 365 number you mentioned is for the 1969 XR-7 Hardtop with the Ram-Air 428CJ / C6 Auto. It doesn’t include the other Cougar models, or the non-ram-air CJ’s, or the 4-speed cars.