How many Cougars were made in 1970?

I was wanting to know if anybody knows how many Cougars were made in 1970 from the standard Cougars to the XR-7 hardtops & convertibles?

Here ya go, for 1970

49,479 Hard Tops
2,322 Convertibles
18,567 XR7 Hard tops
1,997 XR7 Convertibles
72,365 Total built for 70

Standard 2dr Hardtop 49,479
Standard 2d Convt. 2,322

XR7 2dr Hardtop 18,565
XR7 Convt 1,977

info form Standard Catolog of American Cars

The Standard Hardtop figure includes 2,267 Eliminators, FWIW.

ok thanks cause I bought a 1970 Cougar XR-7 Convertible with 351 Cleveland & 4 speed manual & Ginger leather interior with Medium Gold metallic exterior. I am just waiting for it to get here an go through the numbers on it.

Kal, there were only 31 '70 XR-7 'verts built with your paint and trim. Also, is your 351C a 2V (engine code H) or a 4V (engine code M)? John

its H code vin # 0F94H562914 an were did you find the info on the 31 were made like mine?

can you tell me how many of the 70 Cougar XR-7 hardtop were made like mine vin # 0F93H503958?

I found the info in a book called Cougar By The Numbers (CBTNs) availalable from Marti Auto Works . There were only a total of 62 H code/4 spd '70 XR-7 'verts built, 42 wide ratio (transmission code 5) and 20 close ratio (transmission code 6). John EDIT: I just wanted to point out that in the book CBTNs, that in 1970 the H code 351-2V could either be a Cleveland or a Windsor.

so I will need to check the trans out when I get it to see if it is wide ratio or close ratio. I am told it is the 4 speed manual an it might have the hurst shifter.

There were a total of 18,567 '70 XR-7 hardtops built. Can you post the info on the Vehicle Certification Label (VCL) on the inside of the drivers door (if it’s still there and the VIN on the label matches your car)? Thanks John EDIT: Here’s a link to a pic of the VCL:Marti Auto Works - TAGD-70 - VEHICLE CERTIFICATION LABEL.

All the info you need you already have to figure out pretty much anything you wanted to know. If you have the VIN and the buck tag info, you will know the ordering district, tranny being a C or W ratio, paint code etc. Grab a Marti report. You’ll want the info for your car. Sounds like a beaut.

yea I cant wait to get it in here hopefully this week an start going through it. The guy I am getting it off of is selling it for his friend who bought the car an took it to a custom shop an the shop went out of business an took some of the car apart an left it sitting outside an the guy put it in his friends garage over 7 years ago the one I am buying it from.