How old is this tire?

Opened the trunk today on a 1968 XR7 project I bought, and this old tire was inside. Is it possible, this is an original spare? Not sure how to read this code, or if it is a date code.
This is a Goodyear Speedway E70 x 14

The newer DOT date codes started in 2000 so the first 2 nunbers are the year the second are the week they were produced so 2022 would be 2020 22nd week. The newer date code is circled on the tire. The old date codes before 2000 are difficult to figure out cause they varied from company to company. Your tire is older the 1999. There is some good info online that may help with the older dates, but they even say it difficult.

That looks of that wheel (just like my '68 302 car) and the code ending in ‘9’ makes me think 1969. Remember, the early 70 series (non-belted, especially) did not wear well, and a replacement after 1 or 2 years was not unusual. That was my first few years of driving and fixing my father’s car!


Agree, that tire was probably sold new in '69 when the '68 probably needed a set of tires at 15K miles.

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You might want to review the Goodyear tire date coding write up that Marcus Anghel did. It can be found at the following link. While this is specific for Goodyear polyglas, I would imagine that the date codes used by Goodyear prior to the involvement of the feds were universal across all tires models.

If the Anghel guide is correct, the date code in your case is YR which decodes to Dec 1967.

Too old for highway use. Display use only.

Kinda like the one I found in the trunk of my ‘67. Uniroyal Laredo, 7.35-14. “Super Low Profile”. :laughing:

That works for my build date of 02/07/1968. According to the Marti Report.
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You also may want to check the date code on the rim.