How to Clean convertible top with oil stain?

Oil dripped onto my convertible top while at my mechanics shop and left oil stains. He tried cleaning it with a simple wash but it didn’t remove the oil stain. :cry:

He advised me to bring the car to a car detailing business to have them clean it and I bring him the bill. Before I have someone else try and clean it and possible make things worse I thought I would try here first.

Any suggestions how I can remove the oil stains?

Thank you

Try straight Dawn dishwashing detergent and a nail brush.

Use dish washing liquid but don’t scrub it with water, just let it to what its designed to do, dissolve oil .
let it sock and after a day or two, gently wipe it off.

This is the best result i have ever had with oil drips on my concrete drive !
100% success.

I will look into using dish soap. I don’t think I can let it soak for a day or two because it will dry but I will give it some time to react.

I have used

To clean my engine compartment as well. One spray thru and the majority of gunk broke down and rinsed away. I let it sit about 10 minutes. It seems to be more impactful than dishwashing soap…or just Dawn.

Looks to me that the dye has been removed from the area that was stained so it is now lighter than the rest of the top. I don’t think there is going to be any way to save the top and make the discolored area match the rest of the faded black material.

I think the guy owes you 80% of a new top and installation. Basing the percentage on the remaining life of that top.

My first post contained the photo I took when I first saw the stain, about a week ago. The mechanic shop made an attempt to clean it and this is how it currently looks. They were only able to remove the dirt that had accumulated on top of the stain and possibly removed some of the oil but the stain remains.

I want to try the Dawn Platinum to see what happens. I spoke to a car detail shop today and they advised that they would only try cleaning it if I signed a waiver. Once they try cleaning it they said they could possibly use a dye if their cleaning process doesn’t remove the oil stain.

Decisions… Decisions…

Royce, I like your formula in case I have to replace the entire top. I hope it doesn’t come to this as the mechanic shop is a small independent shop and I envision some speed bumps. I was having issues with them just for them to complete the work I brought it there for (suspension, alignment and emergency brake cabling). I already determined any future repairs will be at a different shop.

Any idea what a new top and installation costs?

Thanks for all the input.

I’ve used gojo hand cleaner on some stubborn oil stains in material with good results without bleaching the surrounding area.

Had a new top put on my ‘69 vert last month. $1500 for top and glass rear window installed. Finding places to get this done is getting harder as the years go on

I tried the Dawn Platinum last Sunday and again on Monday. The initial results were promising and appeared to reduce stain. I keep my car parked in a carport so there is light but never direct sunlight. When I took the car out onto the street in the direct sunlight yesterday I could see the stain was still visible.

So tomorrow I’m headed back to the mechanic shop to see what kind of deal they’re willing to work out. They still may insist on me taking the car to a car detailing business. I will advise them that the detailing business will likely request a waiver if their cleaning process fails and makes it worse, then the mechanic shop will still be on the hook to replace the top.

I took the car to a detailing car wash. They charged me $75 to clean it. They placed some type of cleaning liquid than power washed it off. Looks like it work. :smiley:

Wow! That was worth the $75!! Looks great!

Id pay the 75$ with out having a stain ……