How to install Mag Wheel hubs for 68 XR7-G?

I put mags on my 68 XR7-G to save the original wheels from any damage while driving. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to mount the hubs onto the wheel. I bought adapter plates from WCCC but there are no instructions. I would post pictures if I could figure out how. HELP PLEASE.

Olin, are these wheels you bought a different size, and require spacers of some kind? Not sure what adapter plates you mean!

If you are using your phone just touch the picture when the little icon comes up tat says copy tap that. Then touch the box where you are typing and the little icon paste will pop up and then tap that.

On a PC just drag the photo into the box.

The rear of the new hub has a threaded post but no place to screw it. Thanks for the responses guys.

got it thanks.

Those center caps are not made for that type of wheel. Usually there was a stamped steel or plastic cap with a flange that went through the center hole from the back side of the wheel.

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Now I get it. Thanks. I think I can make a flange that goes behind the wheel opening with a nut on the backside and the cap will screw right on. There is a threaded post on the back of the hub. I’ll probably use some type of adhesive or loctite to keep it tight.

Thank you.

Good 'ole aluminum slots. Looks like on these American Racing slots their conical center caps screw directly to the face of the wheel.

On the Rader wheels the center caps mounted to a cone that came through the center opening.

  • Phillip

Thanks Phillip. Now that I know what they are supposed to look like, I can build an adapter piece without drilling into the wheels. Thanks again for the photos and quick response.