How to Install Opera Lights on any 67-68 Cougar (video)

Time for another how-to video! As most of you probably remember, we came out with some beautiful new reproduction opera light lenses for the 67 and 68 Cougar. XR-7’s all came with these lights by default, but they were just an option on standard Cougars. The good news is - every 67-8 Cougar has the mounting holes and wiring already in place. All you need to do is get a pair of used light housings, route and plug in the wires, mount the housings in place under the headliner, cut holes in the headliner, and snap the lens over the opening. It would definitely be easier if you’re at a stage where you don’t have a headliner in, but this video shows the typical scenario in which a person can modify a “finished” car to install these lights.

Special thanks to our own Richard Gunn for stepping up and using his beautiful 67 as a guinea pig, and for hosting the video.

Watch directly on YouTube here, or in tiny mode below.