How to tell What motor came in my cougar originally

How can I tell what motor originally came in my 68 cougar

The 5th character in your vin is the engine code. It will be either
6 302-2V export low compression
C 289-2V
F 302-2V
J 302-4V
R 428-4V
S 390-4V
W 427-4V
X 390-2V

Thank you it is an F my daughter’s has the 302 4v


I have the vin for mine here it’s an F ;mine has no motor or tranny so was just curious
Thanks again

How do I tell if it was an XR 7

I’m told it is but see no signs

How can I tell if it’s an XR 7 Royce

How can I tell if it is an XR seven

Third and fourth characters 93.

Ok it is a 93 thank you again