Hurricane "Ian"

Watching the news on the hurricane, Ian, that is molesting the east coast. I hope all our members in South Florida and South Carolina are safe. It is not looking good for those that live in it’s path.

I just returned to my Fort Myers home to find my red '70 Cougar convertible had been submerged up to the door handle. It breaks my heart but I am afraid it is a total loss.

We returned from my folks`s home in saint augustine to our home in Hastings. We live about 20 miles west of saint augustine…Just a lot of yard debris and no broken trees or major flooding. We packed sand bags by the garage doors. No water got into our home or garage. We fared better then hurricane irma. Sorry 70Cougar i hope you can salvage your car.



So sorry to hear about your car! =(

We too were blessed with very minor debris and nothing worse here in Ormond Beach. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and SW Florida areas. Lots of flooding throughout the state as well.

70CougarConvertible, very sorry to hear about your car.

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If/When your insurance company deems it is a total loss, you might have the option to purchase it from them at a significantly reduced price if you wish to try and restore it but the title will reflect the flood damage.

Not sure if it is cost effective to try and restore? Others on this forum have alot more knowledge than me.

You may recall that after an overwhelming response on this forum that saltwater immersed cars are lost causes, I let it go for its insured value. Out of curiosity I searched the VIN and learned the vehicle was auctioned a couple times and shipped to Europe. I would have rather it stayed in the U.S. but in any event hope it lives to cruise another day.