I can finally see! Check out theses BRIGHT new headlights!!!

I have been looking for a modern headlight system for years that WCCC could promote with confidence. Look for a video announcement soon!


That would be great and much needed.

Saw a report the other day that said that most modern cars have inadequate headlights.

  • Phillip

looks like projectors too. Thats the right way to do led or HID lighting! It might look a little weird on a cougar but I bet its worlds of difference at night.

We have tried them all… These H11 Halogen bulbs in a projector housing really do the trick. I want to do a video with a drone at night comparing them to our H4 reflector beam kit which I also like. We have not found many options for 4 light LED systems and they have not performed well at all.


Nice, much better. You have to do this conversion on headlights if you want to drive your car street legal in Germany. Stock is 35W, right?
I took H4. We must to have it this way; 55W on head lights and 60W on hi beam. sorry for my poor english, i hope you know, what i mean.
Brighter is definitely better. First pic is standard, the next 5 are converted.

I bought some LED lights from Octane lighting and have yet to install them on mine since it’s undergoing lots of metal surgery. Excited to see if they pan out otherwise glad to see there’s a good option out there.

The idea of LED intrigues me, mostly because of the much lower current draw, as well as the brightness. What I don’t like is that some of the LED headlight bulbs look crazy, and out of place on an old car. If there’s a way to use a normal-looking bulb housing with a bright LED bulb, that would be ideal. I also really don’t like the “cool white” look that a lot of people go for; I much prefer “natural” or “warm” white.

In a couple of my drivers I’ve converted to E-code (European spec) headlight lenses with H4 bulbs (55/60 watt) and really like them, mostly for the more precise light pattern and cutoff. They are 90’s cars however, and I know that modern cars today (even US cars) have much improved light patterns. Different animals.

Worth mentioning that no matter what bulbs you’re using, proper alignment is key. This year I discovered this guide and have used it to get things dialed in. It’s 100% worth taking the time to do this.