I have a short I can not identify

I have a 68 XR7 that I just put a new ignition switch in. Since I replaced it my oil gauge maxes out and my amp gauge shows -60.
Amp gauge is not functional since I put in a 3g alternator. Fuel and temp are normal.
Can anyone lead me to a possible suspect. I have retraced everything I did and I even put my old switch back in with no change.

Somewhere from the oil gauge to the oil sending unit, that wire is grounded.

With a 3G alternator, Ford ammeters won’t work correctly, if I have my facts right ( no lead for alternator output to compare to battery)… Probably best to have Rocketman convert your ammeter to a voltmeter.

Did you take the instrument cluster out? Sounds like some wires might be crossed

Update, I found the amp gauge issue and corrected it. Oil pressure gauge is still grounded out. Next chance I get I will take the dash out and trace the wire. I do have a couple extra oil gauges I will check and make sure it is not an issue with the gauges itself.