I have a sun roof question

1968 sun roof. when I bought my car, it had second headliner installed that covered up the sun roof and no access drive plug and tube ( did not have the plug or tube ). Question is, how necessary is it to have access for manual crank drive ? If the thought is to have it, can someone give me specs to make the plug and tube for the manual drive. Or buy one from someone. I already installed a new flex drive. Thanks, Eric

If your sunroof motor or cable fails the only way to close/open the sun roof is with the manual crank. A.O.Smith made the access plug out of the arm rest bolt hole plug. It just has to be cut and shortened.
The print was drawn by Chris Engemann who is local to me and I have talked to him a few times at local car shows.
Accessplug.pdf (62.2 KB)

Here’s a pic I took of a nicely restored sunroof G that looks to be done correctly.

Very interesting. I didn’t know that an armrest plug was used for the sunroof crank plug.


Wow, I have been to several shows to find this information. I looked at several G’s just to get pictures, with no help. I am amazed with everyone’s help on detailed information. And the picture is the best ! I also have to build foam around the sun roof opening, as mine did not have this ether. Can anyone post some pics of a proper headliner with the foam ? Thank you for the help again. E.T.

The foam you’re referring to is a removable panel to access the motor & sunroof drive parts. Some XR7 G’s have the removable panel and some don’t. My G doesn’t have the removable panel.

I keep learning new things about The ( G’s ). I was told that the sun roof parts are a little different for each model year. I do not know if my car hade a removable panel or not, but interesting. The pictures are of great help too ! BossElim69, did you remove your shoulder harness seat belts ? Thank, Eric

I do not have shoulder harness in my G either. Must be a build date thing.

I have shoulder seat belts. Just hadn’t reinstalled them when that picture was taken back in 2010.

The upper console on my car is a mess because there are two pads between the headliner and the console.

This is how it looks put together. Not as clean as I would like
Upper console 1.jpeg
The three part assembly takes up so much space the rear view mirror is blocked and the sunvisors don’t work! I guess the sunroof relays and the console map lights housings protrude enough so a spacer is needed.
Upper Console 3.jpeg
There is no way the console will fit directly onto this.

Philip has a clean installation; I’d like to know how he did it or at least get any photos of it taken apart so I can see how it fits together. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

The XR7-G has the sun visor plastic center mount attached to the overhead console with a 1/2" spacer that AO Smith made from a block of wood covered with vinyl to match the Ohead console. Not sure if I have a picture.

Just checked I don’t have a picture of the spacer. However I might have a good overhead console.

Yours looks a little different, mine is like Bosselim69 ,wccc did have listened the piece between the sun visor holder and console, Phillip may have it but just can’t see it, mine is metal.

The pic I posted earlier is someone elses’ XR7-G, not mine.

My G doesn’t currently have the headliner and overhead console installed.

Attached is another pic I took of a very original G that was at Carlisle one year.


Thanks to everyone who posted here. The photos are all encouraging because now I know it can be done to look good. I think a previous owner must have changed the sunroof drive mechanism and that changed the geometry of how the console would mount. Obviously I’ll have to find a sunroof expert in Colorado! Any thoughts or suggestions?

This is absolutely no help to you but -

This is a sign I drive by every time I go from our host hotel to the show field at Carlisle during the Ford Nationals show.

Been driving by this sign for years and finally stopped to look around and take some pics - obvious that they have been closed for many years.

God how I would love to be able to drive my XR7-G in there and have them service my sunroof!