I heard someone say "bring out the clowns"

Brick, as a child:
And one when he growed all up:

So Im funny huh?
Like ha ha clown funny?


Yeah, ya know, you’re funny.

His complexion got a bit darker when he got older.

naaah, nothing a good close shave won’t correct :laughing:

And he didn’t growed up much, either…

Is that a baseball bat, or a pool cue?

:eh: come to think of it I do need a shave

its my “you must this tall to ride the ride stick” - I moonlight as a carnie when I can

LMAO…must be this tall… :laughing:

heres a good shot of T3 trying to scare the kiddies


Worked, too!! Though I never could figure out why that kids parents insisted on the helmet…they were just sheep, for crying out loud!

From what I heard T3 rides those sheep a little differently.

A slightly different kind of mutton bustin’. :laughing:

Well, you know what they say…Once you’ve had sheep…no, that’s not it…Once you’ve had lamb? No…Once you’ve had mutton…nope…

Where the duece is Duece, he know’s the saying…:dangit:

Awright, Three, flag in the backfield; PUT AWAY THE VELCRO GLOVES!

We don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own garage (although this explains the long, curly “flaws” in you Cat’s otherwise bee-you-tea-full paint job); we can’t have that kind of blatant disregard for the rules (not to mention common decency in front of minor), so you’re outta the competition! :biggrin2:

My clowns were on their way but then they ran into a little problem


Believe it or not, Tim Curry, the actor that played the clown, Pennywise in IT was the same Tim Curry that was Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: