I just bought a 1967 Cougar drove it home parked in the garage went back out and i turn the key and nothing happens?

It has a new battery, and when I turn the key, all the lights work, but it will not crank dead silent.

Looking for Help. M.

Sounds like you now have a brand new dead battery, You will have to learn how to use a volt meter or hire someone who knows how to use one.

Bad starter solenoid, dead spot on the starter motor, loose wire fell off, the list goes on.

Mike M.

I just had the new battery tested; it’s good. I think the ignition or key is a little loose in the dash. full power on the battery, and all the interior lights come on great.
I’m sure it’s something simple just don’t know the car yet.

Let’s look at that good idea, Mike

Instead of buying stuff and changing parts maybe it is time to use a volt meter and see what the problem actually is?

Go with royce…check ign switch ,neutral safety switch ,solinoid , starter. Good luck

Does it have a tilt swing away steering column? If so make sure it is back in the driving position and try starting it.
Also try shifting it to Nutural and then back to park trying the starter in both locations.


Here is a link to a no start condition on a 68 xr7. Your 67 is similar.


Let me know if you need any additional help

Coach Jack

If with tilt column, the door needs to be shut, too.

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We just helped a club member here in Arizona with his 1969 Cougar battery draw down issue. He had a new battery, alternator, solenoid, and starter installed, but if you left the battery hooked up overnight it would be dead the next day. Turns out the voltage regulator was bad, and was drawing several amps all the time.

Well first of all. Before we can do anything

We need pics!

How or where do I find the paint codes for my 1967 ?

Google is your friend.

Do you mean the one on your drivers door?


Start with a screwdriver (larger size) or pliers and jumper the starter contacts on the solenoid. If that works, then run 12V from your battery to the coil lead - same solenoid. Touch (may be some slight spark - not dangerous) and see if it tries to crank. If that works, then it’s the wiring (cable, ignition switch, etc.). Systematic troubleshooting is pretty simple.


Use a big screwdriver with insulated handle and turn the key on and cross the posts on solenoid. I’m sure You tube will have a video. That’s an easy way to see if it’s the solenoid. A volt meter is simple to use. Try jumping it ?