I need of the top pass part of a '69 Convertible quarter

I am just sick with myself. I just junked the back half of a 'vert shell I had laying around for years before I noticed my bodyman incorrectly installed the quarter skin on my car. He installed a coupe quarter up to the bodyline instead of further down. The car is painted and I didn’t notice it until trying to get the door and rear quarter extension to fit.
Does anyone out there have a crusty rusty junked out shell out there that might have this piece on it.
I will travel and cut myself if needed. Or travel and buy the rest of the shell???
It’s killing me that he did this. It’s a subtle difference, but I can’t unsee it.

where are you located

I’m in Kansas City. I’m willing to travel.

Ugh - sorry to hear that story. Every time I junk something, I need it soon afterwards too. I guess you intended for him to only install the lower portions of the quarter below the vert flare-out? Good luck in your search!

The infuriating part is I knew there was a difference and told them not go to the top of the body line.
…they did it anyway.

No doubt. I bet you’ll find a donor - hopefully not too far away. I’m in Olathe with my 70 vert. We’ll have to meet up at a cars and coffee when you get back on the road.

I have a 69 vert that I am going to part out. I’m in NW Illinois. Pm me and we can discuss.

PM sent (I think) first time I’ve tried on the new board software. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

I also have a 69 convertible that I’m parting. located in southern Alabama.

You told them? Incorrectly installed.

Their fault and they need to correct it?