Ididit steering column

Has anyone replaced their steering column with an IDIDIT column ? We need help with the wiring…we are using all original turn signal equipment. Our cougar is a 1968 xr7…please help if any of you know what to do

I put an Ididit column that is designed for Mustangs and Cougars in my 69 XR 7. This particular one uses a Ford turn signal switch and Ford splines. With this setup, I was able to use a Ford connector (from WCCC) and it plugged into the factory harness. One issue: the steel pin on the turn signal canceler does not line up with the slot on the Grant steering wheel I have used for many years. I purchased another aftermarket wheel that I thought looked good. The turn signal canceler on that one works fine, but one of the horn contacts in the turn signal switch does not line up with the slip ring on the wheel adapter.

The Ididit column is a bit shorter than the factory column so the steering wheel is closer to the dash pad.

I purchased a Borgeson rag joint that fits Ford splines at both ends to connect the column shaft to the steering gearbox input shaft.

The Ididit steering columns come in two versions: a GM style and a Ford style switch.
Both of the switches used do not include the (514) red wire needed to control the Cougar K10 emergency warning relay in the trunk.

In order to make your turn signals work correctly with the OEM equipment, you will need a C7WY-10B926-CR Emergency signal adapter kit (special order). It uses the right and left turn signal wires in the trunk to generate the special control signal (514) for the emergency warning relay.

Also, if you choose the less expensive GM-based column, you must convert to LED bulbs. The GM switches will not handle the additional current from the sequential system and will quickly burn out.

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I just finished talking to Ididit tech support about their Ford-style tilt column. They use a 1969 standard column turn signal switch (C9AZ-13341-B) that does not provide the red (514) emergency warning signal wire needed for the 1967-68 K10 emergency warning relays. It can be swapped out with the 1967 (C7ZZ-13341-F) or 1968 (C8SZ-13351-A) switch as an alternative to installing the C7WY-10B926-CR adapter.

On a 1968 Cougar, another alternative is to upgrade to the Gen 4 electronic system. It does not need the 514 wire emergency warning signal input. However, the 1967 Cougar still needs this signal because it is used to operate the K6 dash emergency warning relay.

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