idler arm bushings

1973 XR-7 with power steering. Complete idler arm replacement for power steering equipped car seems impossible to find. I ordered [supposed] OEM bushings. If past experience with bushing replacement serves me, I guess I’ll need a machine shop to press out old ones and install new ones. Bottom of the chassis side has grease fitting and appears solid. Will bushings come out, go in?

The bushings are easy to replace. Any machine shop or Pep Boys can do it if you do not have access to a hydraulic press.

I got hold of the 1973 Ford Service Manual and it states, “If the idler arm bushings are worn the complete idler arm assembly must be replaced.”

I found an idler arm assembly that looks identical at for $69.99. I let y’all know how it fits in a week or so. Thanks to all.

Did not work. Part MA15052 frame holes too close. Also, idler arm would have been offset by about an inch. I wound up with a $70 cotter pin. I’ll eat the cost since it was advertised for a 1973 Mustang with power steering. The only good news is that the original idler arm was not in bad shape after cleaning up the grease overflow.

Shouldn’t the part be identical for the mustang and cougar?

Royce, my idler arm bushings are needing replacement, too. Don doesn’t have any in stock, so I’m on his wait list. Where would you guess might be the best “other place” to get the correct replacement bushings (or a replacement idler arm, complete with bushings) for my 70? It’ll be my first project on the new lift! See ya this weekend in Choutou!

I would go to the nearest NAPA store and get two of the Mevotech MS40490 bushings and one of the Federal Mogul QuickSteer K8103 bushings.

Or buy them on eBay.

Or you can just get the entire idler arm on eBay Mevotech MK8161 Idler arm on eBay

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What this complete idler arm also fit a 72 with powe steering?

No but this will: Idler arm 1972 Cougar