I'm about to sell my '67 XR7

I’m not very acquainted with the process and would appreciate some help getting ready. I’ve just ordered a Marti report. What specific photos would people want to see? How do I arrive at a fair price to ask?
Thanks in advance for you kind help

transmission? VIN?

VIN 7F93C648619
Sorry, I don’t know what type the transmission is beyond 3 speed auto in good working condition.

The Marti Report is a great start. Several overall exterior, interior, engine compartment and trunk (including trunk floor under mat) photos are helpful. Detail photos of condition/flaws are important. Underside photos are good, especially when done on a lift if possible. Some of those who are interested may not live close. Is everything working? AC, turn signals etc. Value is harder to access. Some research online for comparison may help. Your car looks very original. That is a plus.

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You have some positives in XR7, air, and black interior. I see you might be i Arizona so if the car s from the SW that’s another plus. Do some detail work on the car inside and out for best appearance in your photos. Have to factor in negatives as well with what doesn’t work (headlight doors) or is worn. There are some on line pricing tools available like Hagerty which are a guide tool not a definitive bible. From posted photos, looks like an “honest” car but not a “rare air” big dollar example. Good luck in the sale.

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Sounds like a typical C4 Automatic. Looks like the headlamp system doesn’t work. Need a lot more pictures of every aspect of the car to be able to sell it but right now it looks like maybe $10K for a typical 1967 XR-7 with a 289-2V / Auto.

I’m looking for a 67-69 Cougar so could be interested in your car, but would certainly need more information. As the guys have said earlier it would help to share a lot more photos, details of condition (does it run and drive?), known flaws (aside from the headlights) and of course location. Just a suggestion but it may help to look at the Bring A Trailer website for some pointers on what photos to take and how to describe your car for sale. As an auction site it’ll also give you some idea of what Cougars are actually selling for as opposed to the sometimes wishful asking prices you see elsewhere.

I resent “aside from the headlights” Mine all work just fine stock condition.

Have you decided on a price?

Not yet. I’ll figure it out and be ready to list in a week. Thanks

Good Afternoon: I am selling my 1969 XR7 convertible. It is a nice car with a lot of good things and a couple of negative things. I have done a lot of mechanical work, electrical upgrades, replaced the top, etc. The only major thing left to do is paint. If you are interested I can send you a lot of pictures and more detail on what I did to make it drivable and safe to drive. Mike

Thanks Mike. I’d certainly consider a 69 convertible but I’m really looking for a car that’s ready to drive. So if your car needs a full new paint job it sounds like more work than I’d like to take on.

I beleave just having to paint my car would be a blessing. My car is drivable however the interior has to be put in, the convertible top installed, an then painted. My car does drive good with a lot of work done already. I wouldn’t be doing this, however the car is a m code. And is a gt. 351 performance group. And rust free solid body.

Even though all these comments are to help you, they are all also lowering your expectations. I paid $18.5K for an unmolested Louisiana car with only 28K miles. Basic 289-2V model with power steering and air. However the car had lived outside and the paint was baked dull - even the stripes had disappeared. But it was absolutely rust free. In the end, I decided what I wanted to pay for. Guess that is what I am leading up to: shoot for the fences, present your details and the evidence - in this case the pictures, and let the people decide what they want to pay. Do NOT be in a hurry! Please.

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Thank you all for the advice. I will have it up today