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I’m Mark. I live in Denver and restored this 68 XR7. It’s been a labor of love. The man who bought it new passed away in 2000, and the car sat in a garage until 2013 when I got it. It’s got 60k original miles with receipts to document the miles. Factory AC, AM 8 track (wish I still had it but he replaced it), disc brakes and factory cruise control. Everything worked on it when we got it, but it looked like it had been abandoned. Complete body and interior restoration, tune up, new brake pads, and a suspension rebuild. Still working on the little details, but really proud of her.

That’s a fantastic XR7. Beautiful. Welcome to the site. Can you post some interior photos?

Car looks great, keep up the good work. Lets see some more details.

Nice, welcome!

Welcome, very nice, and local!
Are you a member of the Colorado Cougar Club?

Good looking Cougar

Great looking car! I like the color.

Nice car, welcome to the madness!

Beautiful car! Vinyl top looks great with that color, perfect stance and nice wheel/tire combo.

Beautiful car! Vinyl top looks great with that color, perfect stance and nice wheel/tire combo.


Welcome to the family!

No. Didn’t know there was a Colorado club. How do I contact them?

Thanks for the compliments. It’s the factory color and a factory vinyl top. The stance is probably because I rebuilt the entire suspension with a kit for the Cougar I got from Mustangs Unlimited. Came with new springs and swaybars along with the usual cast of soft parts. Then I finished it off with some KYB gas shocks. The wheels are stock. The BFG tires are just what I wanted on the car I had back in the 70’s. :slight_smile:

I’ll get some interior pics this weekend. It’s the best part of the car!

Very nice.


Cougar Bill is the president. He lives in Golden. Looking forward to seeing your car in person.

OK, maybe its be my ‘over 40’ eyesight, but I don’t see any contact information or any way to register on the site. :bloated:

Do you have any contact information?

You’ll have to come see it in the garage. Last time I drove it I had to have it towed home. I think it blew a timing chain since it’s right at 60,000 miles, and I remember from experience that mid-60s cars used to blow chains at about that mileage. They had plastic coated gears on the cam. That plus a list of winter improvements to get done before spring.

I’m in Highlands Ranch if you want to come by.

Welcome…love the color combo.

Welcome Mark. That’s a sweet looking 68 XR7 that you have, and nice work. With 60K miles, the added freshening of the engine shouldn’t be too hard on the wallet. Thanks for sharing.

how is you cat running? do you even still own it?

Very nice