I'm new, my cars

Hi everyone, I’m new here and am looking foward to help, sharing and asking on your Cougar forum. I have 2 Cougars, the first is an 82 Cougar II wagon. I am currently doing a 2016 Coyote 5.0 and 6R80 swap in that and am street rodding it. My 2nd one is a 73 XR7 Cougar. That one needs restored, it has been sitting a lot of years. When i get the wagon done I’m going to get the XR7 on the rotisserie. If it’s too rusted, i may just part it out. Looks like parts may be hard to come by.for it. I’ll need front fenders at least and the bumpers have rusted holes in them. Wagon pictured


Welcome! You can find pretty much anything for the pre 74 Cougars here. Those wagons are pretty rare looks interesting

It wont sit like that, when i moved a couple years ago i just put the axle on to move it, so the springs aren’t on it. And the cage was just put in it to keep it straight while it was on the rotisserie, it’ll come out too.

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It’s beautiful. I see the big plans. Parts should be easy, but frame will be difficult.

Got the engine bay painted. Filling all those holes and sanding smooth was a long job! Planning ahead for painting the car, im trying to decide if i want to put the luggage rack back on it, or fill and smooth the mounting holes. I think if i rechrome it it would look good on top. Im using Fairmont chrome bumpers as well.