In need of a 1968 mercury cougar XR7 parts car

Hi, im new to this page, but me and my dad have been restoring a really rusted out 1968 cougar XR7, hes planning on rebodying it onto another cougar we have. Problem is, i really love this other cougar and would love to keep it for my self (it doesnt run, and has a lot of interior work to be done) so im trying to look for a body that my dad could use instead, hopefully very minimal rust and cheap. Doesnt have to run at all, ive been looking everywhere online but when you put in parts car, google shows you just parts. And all of the cars that are for sale are really expensive. If anyone finds anything it would be really helpful. Doesnt matter where in the us really. Please let me know if you of anything. (We live near the illinois border in Southern Wisconsin)

Probably a good idea to include your location and if you have an XR7 or standard

Me and my dad live in southern Wisconsin near the Illinois border. The car we are trying to restore is an XR7.

Okay thank you

I have a '68 XR7 GT that is not rusty, its an Arizona car. However every single thing made of leather vinyl rubber or plastic is bad, and I mean really bad. The 390 and C6 are there but incomplete. It needs some body work on the passenger side door from a fender bender. I would need $6500 but if you have a good interior and free labor you could end up with a very desirable car. It was white with black vinyl top and nugget gold interior. It has AC PDB and PS.

I will talk to my dad see what he thinks, get back to you on that. Thank you very much by the way.

Did John move his business to Kalamazoo? He was on the Lake Michigan coast a couple hours north of Chicago. Southwestern Michigan.

I have a 68 xr7 302 j code 4 barrel with C4 automatic transmission. Car is greasen gold black interior and white vinyl top. Options are power steering, power disc brakes, ac, tilt, wheel and door edge guards.
Asking $5,500.00 The car is located in Denver Colorado.
Thanks 1968 Xr7g.

Royce, I’m sorry! It was my college roommate that’s from Kalamazoo and had that town on my mind! John and Dee are still in Holland, MI on Lakewood Boulevard!

Talk to John Baumann at John’s Classic Cougars in Holland, MI or Don Rush at West Coast Classic Cougars in Salem, OR. Both great businesses!

Hi my name is Isidro, I am located in California and I am selling my 1968 Cougar XR7 J-Code in excellent condition and complete. Car has numbers matching motor with all of the brackets and pulleys, alternator, starter and has the factory sunroof option in working order. If interested please contact me. Thanks.

If you are selling a car it seems really curious to tack the ad on an old thread where the guy was looking for a parts car last month. You need to post a price and a location if the car is for sale or risk having your post deleted.

Interested in your car…please provide pics and details Im in Calabassas Ca.