In Search of the XR-7 I formally owned

New here. I am not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask here. I am in search of my former 1970 XR7 Cougar. I owned it in high school in the Detroit metro area. I would appreciate any information you might have that will point me toward the current owner, if it still exists. I do not have the VIN that I can share with you. However, it is what I believe to be a unique build. I purchased the car in 1975 while a senior in high school and subsequently sold it after going to college to pay for tuition.

The Cougar was black with a white vinyl roof, Burgundy interior, 351 Cleveland 2 barrel, Automatic. As I have searched for the car over the years I have learned the Black exterior with white vinyl roof is not very common.

I would appreciate any help you might offer.

If you have more details such as if it had PS, PB, AC, or any other options you know the car came with and if you can narrow down where the car came from when new, then you can pay Kevin Marti to search the Ford database for a match. I was able to get the VIN of our family’s old Cougar that way.

Once you have the VIN, you can start searching state title records to at least get info on who bought it from you. The trail will be old now but you might get lucky.

Thanks, bmwhd1.
The car has AC, crank windows, am/fm. Not many other options that I am aware of. I believe it was sold new in the Detroit area, I registered it in Sterling Heights in 1975.

Given the rarity of the color combo and this information, you might get lucky. It’s not cheap nor fast to have Kevin do the search but it’s your best bet in finding the VIN.

I’ve had a 70 vert since 1988 and have lived in that area (Macomb county)my whole life… don’t remember ever seeing a 70 in that color combo. Good luck with the search but it will be tough without a vin number.

Thanks, 0F94M, I had classmates at SHHS that had a '70 pink XR7 (repaint). And another friend at Cousino High that a dark green '70 XR7. We all lived near 14 Mile and Schoenherr.