Installing 68 Xr7 Trunk Lock - What are the tricks

Any tips on how to install this sucker.

What is the best way to get light into the panel so you can see?

How do you get the sleeves into position?

How do you get the sleeve and the nut onto your drivers side of the lock?

I’m looking for suggestions to make this a less frustrating experience than it already is

Leon I have not had to change my trunk lock but I have worked in areas that you can’t reach. I use a flexible LED inspection flashlight when I fill and inspect fire extinguishers. It has a small flexible light that I lower into the cylinder to look for cracks and pitting. They work great. The second thing I have used when I can’t hold or reach something I am trying to put together is contact glue/rubber cement. Apply a little and wait till its tack free then stick the parts together using different methods, a piece of wire,wood,plastic or even your finger. I used this method about three weeks ago after a friend drilled a hole in the front of his boat to mount a light. Hindsight being 20:20 he found that he could not reach the mounting bolt to attach the nut. I used a welding rod and rubber cement to position the bolt till it started. I was told NASCAR race teams use this type of method to hold lug nuts to the rims but maybe with a different glue.
Hope this helps you or gives you an idea.

Flexible inspection type light

I used my magnet on a stick to get the sleeves over the studs, then the stick-um on a socket/u-joint combo for the nuts. Was very frustrating, to the point that I considered drilling an access hole, but finally managed.

Leon this is one of those things where if you know the secret handshake it is easy…

The key is that the lock cylinder must be installed last.

Here is the drill:

Remove the lock cylinder from the trunk lock cover. Stick the trunk key into the cylinder. Then, from inside the trunk lid you have to reach up and press down on a tiny brass button at the top of the trunk lock cover cylinder receptacle. While pushing down on the button you have to rote the key, and the lock cylinder will rotate with it and come loose. Remove the cylinder and the lock rod will come with it. Then from inside the trunk remove the latch assembly. (Remove the bolts and it will slide straight down and out of the trunk lid). Now you can clearly see the two nuts and the sleeves that hold the trunk lock cover in place. With the latch out of the way, it is easy to get to everything.

Thanks Bill. Once I freed up the button with some WD40 and figured out you need to turn the key then press the button, the tumblers came out and installation was a breeze