Installing new wire harness

I’m looking to purchase a new wire harness kit with upgraded fuse block. Does anyone know where you can purchase one specific for a 72 cougar convertible?
I doubt there is but thought I’d ask. Maybe for a 72 mustang. I’m sure there’s not much of a difference. I’d like a plug and play if possible

You will be far better off having your existing harness restored. Check with Midlife harness.

Sorry but what is midlife harness?

I contacted them and they restore your existing wire harness. I want an upgraded fuse block. Would like the new fuses(not glass) and with more fuses for add ons

There are tons of wiring harnesses out there. Just keep in mind that none of them have factory connectors to plug things in. No one will be able to really help you with electrical problems in the future as your wiring won’t match up to the factory schematics. Are you really good at electronics? I have been in the automotive electronics world professionally since 1973 and I would estimate that rewiring your car would take about 60 hours to pull the original harness, lay it out and then create the new harness, and then install it back in the car. This is one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake.


^^^^^^^^^^ Good post , I erased most of my reply that I was in the middle of :rofl:
Sounds like your looking for something custom, you didn’t say if its an XR7 or not (there is a difference)
If your worrying about “add ons” you can always put in a new fused distribution block for that or just add in-line fuses

The only “Plug and Play” harness option is using an original OEM by year and model. The aftermarket options I’m aware of require removal of existing harness and a build of the generic replacement which may mean things like sequential turn signals might not work. I went through this with my 68 XR7 and stayed with original wiring ( that was a pretty big task replacing that). My advice do your homework first.

I know the tail lights would be an issue. I think the fellow who re-conditions your original harness is a reasonable price. Think that would be next winter posting

You can upgrade the tail lights to LED with no mods to the harness. The kit from WCCC is plug and play including the front turn signals. Don’t think ive seen anything plug and play for the headlights tho.

What’s wrong with the glass fuses?

What kind of stuff do you want to add on?

I understand the blade fuse stuff is much easier to find. But, to replace a harness with one that will require a lot of connector work and may not have all the circuits you need seems like a huge price to pay. Unless you are an Electrical Engineer or Technician you will likely find yourself in over your head, quickly.

Do a web search for “AGC Fuse Tap” and you’ll find choices for tapping off your glass fuses.
Glass Fuse Power Tap For Electrical Wiring Brass .250" Male Terminal - 100 Pack - Cartridge Fuses -

I’m starting to think you guys are right. Maybe I’ll send my harness to that fellow that reconditions them. Next winter project

Consider adding your own auxiliary/additional fuse box vs replacing your original. Like others mentioned your better off with getting the original reworked. You can add an Auxiliary under the hood or inside and set it up for all your additional loads so you do not overwork your stock harness.

I use an Aux fuse/relay box for all my add ons such as AC, Electric fans, Radio, power steering and EFI. This way I dont stress the factory wiring that was never designed for such loads. It takes a little bit to setup but makes adding things much easier down the road.

That’s a good idea.
Someone mentioned if you add an upgraded coil that would potentially burn up a curtain part of the wire harness. If that’s true is there a way to run the new coil off an external fuse box?