Installing rim blow wire 1969

I understand that installing the rim blow switch is difficult and often it does not stay in. What techniques have people used. I understand gluing does not work since it tends to fuse the wires together? Thanks

The aftermarket rim blows come with a popsicle stick. Unless you use a grinder to make it thin, you’ll destroy the switch. You shouldn’t have to glue it at all

When I did mine, I ground the front edge of the Popsicle stick to make it thinner. Not like a chisel, but thinner than factory Popsicle. You can use a file, I used the garage floor. Also, helps to make sure the channel that holds the Rim Blow is nice and clean. I think there are some Youtube vids you can watch.
Good luck.

Not knowing much about this.

It sounds like a custom fit thing.

If you file or sand something like this.

Get a really fine grit sand paper.

Be gentle. Sand with lite pressure. Just a bit.

Test fit.


It will be time consuming but done right

If time is money and money is no object

Get 3 or 4 and go at it.

Just document it on video and post for future

Video I used before I did mine.
IIRC there are 2 manufacturers, one cuts the line a little short. Don’t remember specifics.

check out: