Intake Manifold Advice

It’s been awhile but I have finally started the build up a 427 side oiler that I will be putting in a 67 XR7. I have a Robert Pond block, Edelbrock heads, the rotating assembly, and will be working with Lykins Motorsports for the cam and valvetrain.

I have been going back and forth on the induction system between EFI and duel carbs and I think I have decided on the 2x 4bbl (they just look so nasty!)

The only intake manifold that I have been able to find that will take the duel Holley carbs is the Trick Flow unit. The problem is this seems really tall at 6.6 inches.

Has anyone with a BBF FE used this setup in a 67 Cougar and if so will it fit under the hood. I intend on putting a GT/E style hood scoop (because it look great) but just for looks (wasn’t planning on cutting a hole in my hood).

Update… I have been told to also look at the Blue Thunder medium riser manifolds but have not been able to find any in the 8v configuration.

Any and all recommendations are welcome and appreciated.


I used the factory 8V medium riser setup on my '67 Cougar with the 427 stroker I swapped in there. No issues with the stock hood.

From a performance and power band standpoint you may want to check out the book by Jay Brown “The Great FE Intake Comparo”. It won’t have data on the newer offerings from Trickflow but most everything else is covered. You’re in good hands working with Mr. Lykins.

Cool pic but that’s a small block group 2 cougar

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If you’re looking for power out of a FE block and you want to spend a little more money look at a Survival motor sports Prison Break kit I put one in a custom block and the dyno we ran it on was not set up to pull low enough RPM to see where the 500 ft. Lb torque started . The dyno operator said “ you didn’t tell me we were doing a tractor pull Motor It still reved to 6500