Interchangeable seats for '69

Are there any seats from any other car that would fit a 69 cougar?

Curious about that myself. Tracking this thread.

I used '68 Camaro seats in two different 1967 Cougars which have the same seat hole locations as 1967 - 70. I used the Cougar seat tracks on the Camaro seats. I have also used 1971 Pinto bucket seats the same way using the Cougar seat tracks. I think many pony cars and compacts from the 1960’s - 70’s would fit the same way.

on this topic, will rear seats from a 69-70 physically fit into a 68? I knwo they wont be same pattern or whatever… jsut will they fit?

Yes have done that too. They fit fine.

good. There seems to be alot more 69/70 seats available… i have used bronco seats with mustang vinyl on them in there now for the front so thats not too much of an issue LOL. just needing something thats not all cracked and ripped up for making it a driver while i get the exterior ready for paint and body

My 69 is running Mustang deluxe seats, they end up looking similar to the eliminator tombstones, probably be easier to get over there than second hand Cougar ones I dunno. These covers can be off the shelf here, long lead for Cougar covers, they were already on the car, so I will leave as is…

If I ever wear them out I would probably try and replace with cougar covers and get the matching door cards…

Not the best photo, I am away at work, it is what I have in the phone.

To the untrained eye (ie; 99% of Australians), they look like they belong.

nothing wrong with those seats at all. Now, the steering wheel is on the wrong side… gotta fix that… LOL

What about seats from newer cars like 2000s cougar/mustangs, foxbodys ect