Interior colors- Parchment.

OK. I come to the experts. My car was Grecian Gold with “Parchment Crinkle Grain Vinyl Bucket seats/Nugget Gold Appointments” according to the Marti Report.

From what I can tell, the “nugget gold appointments” may have been the seatbelts? They are a tannish/gold ish color… not parchment like the seats. Does anyone have any other info on that? Anyone have a good picture of a stock or restored back to stock Parchment interior in a base 68? Was there anything else that would have been “nugget gold”?

Second… dash pad… black right? The top pad… mine’s an early 68 so it got lucky enough to get the padded knee pad on the dash and the padded A pillar trims… all parchment of course, but the stock dash top pad was so far gone, i took it out in pieces. But, I do assume black… and the carpet that was in it was black carpet, but not original and was spray dyed at one time judging by the over spray on the plastic trim.

Is the carpet supposed to be black or another color?

Anything else I’m missing on the inside? I’m thinking about ditching the OEM seat belts (not in good shape, some are torn and some are just brittle) and getting black ones from WCCC… if the carpet and dash are black, the seat belts would look good in black.

Hello Hickey,
I have the same color combination of gold/parchment in a 68 but it has a bench seat that has recently been recovered. I’ll see if I can get some before/after pictures and post them later today or tomorrow.

11/10 Edit
Here are a couple of “befores” that give a reasonable idea of the color. The upper dash pad is a dark brown. At first I thought that the green carpet must have been a special order until I realized the original brown (maybe black) carpet had just faded over the 50+ years. (The car is at an out of town shop so I don’t have “afters” yet.)

FWIW - that tan/gold color webbing is hard to find. Especially if it’s the original 3-row or 4-row type. If any of it’s salvageable, there’s likely a market for it. It’s correct for many '70 cats with Parchment interiors.

I would not have thought brown on the upper dash… i always assumed black… cool… nice interior! Gives me hope!

I also have a base '68 with Parchment interior, but mine came with black “appointments” (code AA). The carpet and dash pad were black, but the seatbelts were the tan color you’re describing. So I think those tan seatbelts always came with base Parchment seats, at least in '68. Personally, I changed mine to black since everything else is black or white.

In your case, I think your carpet would have been dark brown. I’m guessing your trim code is AY? This is an original chart from dealership literature for '68 Standard color combinations.

As for the dash pad, I’m not sure if there’s a definitive rule as to when you’d get a colored pad vs. a black pad. 67-8 XR-7’s are always black, but many Standards got color keyed pads. I think there’s a good chance you had a dark brown dash pad. It’s a pretty dark brown, so the best way to tell is to look at it next to something black.

This is a pic I saved of a totally original 2k mile '68 standard (albeit with the “Decor” interior in nugget gold). Trim code on this car is 2Y. It’s hard to tell but I’m pretty sure the carpet and dash pad are both dark brown in this case.

I don’t believe this is true. Maybe you’re confusing it with the steering wheel pad?