Interior/Exterior Color Combinations list

Is there a resource that shows orderable interior and exterior combinations?

For example
1970 Competition blue paint with white interior = OK
1970 Competition blue paint with green interior = couldn’t be ordered?

Reason being, I ran a marti report for a 1968 XR-7 that is code A black paint with code 8B blue interior, only 2 were built in that combination per the marti breakdown for 1968 XR-7’s



You might want to get a copy of this book;

Color combinations not offered were often ordered anyway. Many were built, and you can find much of that documented in this book.

I have the factory color/interior selections book for 1970 that shows what you are asking for all the Mercury models. But sounds like you are looking for 1968?

Yes both of those combinations could have been ordered. Even in 1970 allot (maybe most) cars were still ordered and buyers would wait for the car to be built and shipped to them months later. Did add to the excitement and anticipation. There were recommended combinations Ford would use to build cars meant for floor stock based on their research and records.

Also when you compare those combinations (like options) where few were made remember this basically means that those were unpopular and few wanted cars built like that.

The information was published in many period items, for example in the 1968 Salesemans Facts book. There were separate pages for two tone and non two tone cars. In 1969 and 1970 there would be separate pages for those two and for Eliminator.

I have one of those oddball color combo cars also- my 67 XR7 is Glacier blue, with a red interior, and a black top.

I have one of those 1970 dealer binders with all the little swatches of material in it. It’s one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia. I love looking through it and imagining how I’ll order the Cougars I’ll buy when my time machine finally works.

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Thanks for all the input. So from my understanding in 1968, someone would be unable to order Paint code B with interior color blue? Could that have been special ordered?

I have seen very few Cougars with oddball color combos. There was a XR-7G project for sale that was dark blue (Wellington?) with red interior. I personally think that would be a stunning combo

The books were primarily for recommended combinations. I think that you could order any combination you wanted provided you put down an acceptable deposit. As to 1968 paint code “B” according to Kevin Marti’s Cougars by the Numbers, there was one standard with interior code “UB” which would be a parchment interior with blue components.

I will have to check my copy of the book but I’m pretty sure there was one red 68 ordered with a green interior.

I remember the G you are talking about and agree it was an unexpectedly cool combination.