Interior trim paint vendor?

I have a couple replacement hard plastic interior pieces that need to be painted from black to Dk. Nugget Gold to match the interior, but I can’t seem to find a vendor that sells these in spray cans. Any suggestions?

You will have to go to English Color and have them mix Mar Hyde vinyl dye to match. They sell Pre Val sprayers to spray it easily.

Thanks Royce. I’m finding a lot of things are harder to find than when I had my last Cougars. They have a shop just up 35 from me, so it’s a quick trip.

A number of companies can provide or put quality paint in spray cans for you.

You need to really prepare the panels before painting so that they are perfectly clean and only apply enough paint so that it does not alter or reduce the grain any more than needed. Should also consider a promoter before applying the paint to help it stick and hold up longer IMHO

try kolor korrect they do factory colors. 732 846 1044