Introducing 68 Cool Cat

Recently purchased this hot rod. Not really a ford guy but always liked the Cougars. It has been sitting in the California High Desert for quite a while. Currently parked at a buddy’s house until I can make room at the house…. And tell the wife I bought another car :shushing_face:
Normally a VW Aircooled guy and I currently have 4 (Bus, Bug -drag car, Ghia -stock, and Ghia -Hot Rod w/turbo) plus 4 customer cars at the moment.
Here are some pics I was sent. The pics of the car on the trailer was the day I picked it up. (Sunday 8/28)

Guess it only lets me do 1 photo at a time

Ran the vin. San Jose,Ca 1968 XR7

Looking forward to playing with this one.

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Always nice to see someone that wants to get a Cougar back on the road. What’s your plans? Is it complete enough or would a donor vehicle be needed?

Seems pretty complete. Get it running and hot rod it around for a while at the bare minimum

That looks like a fun project. Strange though, it’s missing some 1968 things and some XR-7 things. A lot can happen 53 years though, and VINs don’t lie.

Im sure I will spot those as time goes on. First thing that threw me off was the front fenders.

Yup, those look like '67 fenders. A '68 should have reflectors and Cougar script on the quarters too. Not everyone likes that extra stuff, so it could have been removed at some point in your car’s lifetime.

Looks a little desert worn but should be fun to tinker with. I can definitely relate to having to keep some car secrets from the wife :rofl:

Let me know if you need tail lights;I have an extra clean good looking set

Time to check in. I haven’t done as much as I had hoped to the ol Cougar. Got some new spark plug wires installed and a new starter solenoid. The old starter was shorting out internally so a new one is ordered and should be here today.
The engine only turned about a 1/4 turn before stopping. Pulled all the plugs and started squirting WD40 into the holes. After a while of turning it back and forth I finally passed the ridge that developed in the cylinder walls.
Also installed a Holley 650 carb on the engine only to discover one of the holes for the stud is all boogered up. It looks like someone already had a heli coil installed but must have came out when they took off the carb before I purchased. I’ll stop and pick up an insert as soon as I can figure out the size needed.
I’ll keep chugging along as time permits.

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Model Year: 1968

  • R

Assembly Plant: San Jose, California

  • 93

Body Type: XR7, 2 Dr Hardtop

  • F

Engine: 302-2V

  • 504106

Consecutive unit number: 4106

Looks pretty solid. Dry is good. And doesn’t have the vinyl roof. Dont get me wrong, they arent bad, they just harbor rust so solid roof is always easier to start with. I love my 69’, but I realy loved how my 67’ drove. Miss it, i know you’ll love it once you get it on the road.