Introducing the new VIN specific sub forum!

Missed connections, automotive style! Something really cool happened recently. One of our members (Robert Campbell) posted this:

I have in my possession the original owners manual for VIN 9F94H536424. A 1969 cougar XR7 Convertible. Sold by Pacific Lincoln Mercury in Bellevue Washington on 3-17-69. Door data plate is 76B 4 6A 30M 54 2 X. Original owner was Albert L. Pindroh.

If this car still exists it is free to the owner. I decent original condition. I hope this car still exists!!

Which led to this from Jim Pinkerton

According to the database this car was reported 5/1/2020 by the then current owner: Stuart Hall of Leicester, UK; his email address = >

And before long there was this from Stuart:

Yes that’s me and the cars below me right now tucked up in my garage!
I would love it, if that’s ok?
I know you said it was free but let me at least cover your costs in posting to the UK and I’ll make a donation to the forum if that’s ok?
Thanks again, this has really made my day!

I don’t know how often that could possibly happen but I like it. Then from Todd I got this:

There was a thread this week about a VIN marked '69 owners manual that found it’s way to the current car’s owner. That got me thinking that maybe a sticky or sub forum in classifieds specifically for people looking for VIN specific parts and those that have them to connect?

Well, hell yeah!

So post up those rare finds and lets see if we can’t reunite a few long lost connections.