Is an 'S' Code a GT?


I am buying a 1967 ‘S’ Code 390 Cougar, but am confused whether or not this is a GT? Info on the web seem to imply it is, but I am not sure.

Any intel helps!


No not all S codes are GT. Best to get a Marty report it will tell what you are buying.

If you’re this close, I take it you have its VIN. You can get a “rush” pdf of the basic Marti report via email and learn original equipment and selling dealer/date. I did this for three Cougars I passed on before the one I bought…

Original posters are correct. You need a Kevin Marti Report to confirm if your S-code with the “390GT” engine was originally equipped with the GT option package.

All 67 390 Cougars use a 390GT engine the difference being an open air filter housing for a GT car and a silencer type housing for a 6.5 liter the GT car option was stiffer springs HD shocks and a slightly larger sway bar.

All the GT cars also got GT identification badges on each front fender. If the car was ordered with the 390GT engine but no GT package it will have 6.5 Litre badges on each front fender. Lots of owners have added GT identification over the years to non - GT cars so it is useful to have the Marti report to tell which car you actually have.

Does it make a big difference in value? Probably a little bit, but if I liked the car and its color combination and options I would not care whether it was or was not a GT originally.

Also a GT has disc brakes as part of the package. But as stated, you will need the Marti report. Unless the seller has the original window sticker or other documentation proving it to be a GT. But any big block 67 Cougar is cool.

You can also look for a “Buck” tag on the front of the radiator core support on the passengers side and see if it says “GT” on it. The buck tag is about the size of a credit card.

Unless it’s an early production 67, as they don’t have buck tags. I don’t think they used the GT designation until after a certain production date, but could be wrong.

I’m with badcat that any 67 with a 390 is a pretty cool car. But I would say that owning one. All GTs are S codes but all S codes are not GTs.

GT option added

320 h.p. 390-4V (S code) engine
Low restriction dual exhaust
Power Booster fan
Power front disc brakes
Wide-Oval nylon F70-14 white sidewall tires
Special wheels with 6" rims
Performance handling package
GT badge on front fenders

If there are any badges left true GTs have a very simple “G” & “T” where non GT S codes used a 6.5L badge. And of course all 67 GTs came with Kelsey-Hayes front discs. Some 6.5’s (S codes) came without the chromed valve covers, chromed air cleaner lid, and chromed oil dipstick handle but all GTs did.

Also with cougarrand. A Marti Report is must have if you’re paying for any special options on any Ford or Mercury of the period.

I love all of the detail and a great thread starts with questions.

Is it possible to have you post a photo of the door tag, it would be good to see the date code the car was bucked as well to see if it was an earlier 67 or later 67

In my opinion An S Code 390-4V is an amazing car, if if not a GT.

GT Registry high level details:

Marti Report:

Lots of great detail and contacts:

All plants didn’t use buck tags either.

67 Cougars were built in Dearborn that used buck tags. First I’ve heard of a early 67 Cougars not receiving buck tags. From the picture of my GT buck tag I can’t see where it shows the GT option. I’ll have to look at it in person as the photo might have cut it out. It will list it on the Marti.

Dearborn began using buck tags about January 1967, about the same time the XR-7 was introduced.

I knew there was a date to that, but couldn’t remember what it was. I thought there was a date for the GT option as well? I seem to recall something about it getting mentioned in the Cougar number 11 thread?
I’m liking my S-code so I agree they are :sunglasses:

The post below by Bill from the 11th Cougar built thread is what I was thinking I guess along with there were early and late style GT badges.


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I don’t think the GT specs were ironed out until after the show cars were built. I recall that the first GT was VIN 41. This car really needs a Marti

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Cool :sunglasses: learned something new. I checked my buck tag and nothing to indicate it’s a GT.

I have the tail lights from the first production GT. Given to me by Jim Pinkerton.

Note below from Phil Parcells who runs the National Database

“ The GT option was available from almost the beginning… serial #41, August 66.

Cougar1 is technically a GT, it has the heavier sway bar, springs, the chrome dressup, etc. but it is not coded as a GT. By the time 041 was built (one day later) the GT option had been coded into Ford’s system.