Is this one in the registry?
I couldn’t find it in my copy of the 5/3/1996 one.

Originally Blue according to the marti .

The resolution on the Marti is not quite clear enough for me to read the serial number. But I don’t think it is as I have 9 “Q” codes in the registry with “W” rear axles and none of them are paint code “6”. This would be a new one.

Pretty cool, wonder if it would be a good investment at the asking price.

After staring at the pictures, wondering if I see a battery tray apron that was poorly straightened from a collision in the RF area?

If the answer to both of the above is yes, probably worth having someone knowledgeable putting eyes on it before a purchase was made.

All this aside, pretty cool car.

Edit: After staring at the fuzzy Marti some more, looks like it is not an Eliminator and was bright blue metallic originally. It is not being advertised as an Eliminator but the ad does not say it is not an Eliminator either. So it’s a '70 standard Q code with drag pack, right?


You are correct, It is not an Eliminator, It is a standard Cougar with a 428SCJ. One of 33 standard 428 Cougars (non Eliminators) with a 4 speed. Cool option list. Scott might have it in the 428 registry.

The Marti also adds another piece of information to the data. It is a 1 of 135 according to the add 428SCJ, but the Marti looks like 145. That would be for Cougars with body code 91. We know there were 127 SCJ Eliminators, so the difference 8 or 18 is the number of non Eliminator standard hardtops with an SCJ.

It would be nice to see a high resolution copy of that Marti.

It’s probably easy to make it a 1 of 1 if you take into account all the options, right? The detailed Marti would be cool to see too, for trivia if nothing else.

I already decided that if I win the Mega Millions tonight I’m gonna buy this car and give it a nice restoration. Except I’m gonna paint it red again instead of metallic blue, cause man does it look nice in red.

I can make out what looks like 0F91Q516534.

I’d call it a 9 at the end, not a 4. Looking at the typed string under the 123456789… line, it looks like the bottom of that last digit is angled not straight up and down.

This is a very nice car. I really like the low numbers and the SCJ package with the drag pac. I think as Bob said this would be a good investment and worth having someone put eyes on it.

Links to the Marti and other info here:

Non-Eliminator, standard, originally metallic blue, 428SCJ (non-Ram Air), 4-speed. Rare care, but missing the oil cooler setup and has had subframes welded in at some point - i think that explains the battery apron and fuel line rerouting.

I got pics from the seller back in march. This car has had the original front frame rails and torque boxes cut out / modified with subframe connectors. The rear frame rails have some damage from where it was tied down for transport incorrectly and the frame was split by the hook.

The battery apron issue may be from having the fuel lines rerouted, due to the subframes being installed.
Oil cooler setup is missing. Back in march the seller was unsure of it actually being “numbers matching”, so that would need to be verified too.

Taking another look through the pics, it looks like the floor pans were replaced at some time too.


Lolwow. So that’s the VIN eh?

Lol? Did I type it in wrong?

The marti should be linked in the “clone for sale” thread.

Sorry guys…It just never dawned on me to see if the Eliminator option was listed on the Marti; I read the VIN and saw 0F91 and just assumed…and we all know what can happen when we do that. BTW a quick google search of the phone # in that ad brings up some interesting reading.