Is this suppose to look like this?(repro regulator)

I posted details of this in my topic about replacement door skin, but thought I would start a new thread to hopefully draw some better attention to my question, and to make it easier for anyone searching the topic in the future. I am having problems with my drivers side door glass adjustment. I replaced my regulator because my old one is very sloppy around the crank shaft. However, regardless of which regulator I have in my door glass continually wants to go up with the back corner coming up first. The window actually “racks” crooked in the channels. My passengers door does this slightly too, but when reaching the top it straightens itself out when hitting first the rear stop, and then the front. Drivers door just won’t. I have adjusted and readjusted, and can’t get it so it is level when it hits the top of travel, and fitting the weather strip. Hopefully the pictures will show what my question is with the arm. I have included my old one and the “better” repro one I bought. It seems to me that with this idler arm being crooked like it is that it will always have the front of glass lower. Now if it were crooked the other way the front of glass would be higher. I can actually simulate this by taking the short idler track loose from its holes, and pulling it down thus lifting the front of the window higher Then it actually seems to go up straight…thoughts :think:
From the pics you can see the old one is quite a bit straighter than the new one, but still has a slight “reverse” arch to it.

I’m confused. There shouldn’t be a way for the window to go up or down crooked. All the guides / sliders should keep it level. I’m wondering if you’re missing parts, or if one of your guides is loose, or if you have missing or worn out rollers. The window frame itself should have two plastic rollers on the back side that fit into the guide channel, if both are in place it shouldn’t be able to pivot or become crooked.

Luckily, I did a pretty comprehensive cutaway diagram for WCCC. All the part numbers apply to the WCCC website. Maybe this will help you see if you have everything in place. (Click picture to view big size)

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our video on replacing the regulator. Maybe something in here will be helpful too.

Easy to do, but I believe you have missed hooking it into one of the brackets, or you forgot to put a fastener that holds the regulator in place. I did the same thing but finally realized my mistake and corrected it. Now it works just fine.