ISO Parts for my GTE

Need a starter C7AF-11001-C a core for rebuild is ok.
Radiator C8ZZ-8005-C
Converter C8OP-7902-A 53 or if you can point me to a stock replacement. It needs to be one that is a direct replacement. I don’t want to get burned again on something that’s supposed to work but doesn’t.

Thanks, Al

If you use a stock torque converter be sure that you can use a camshaft similar to the stock one. The torque converter and the camshaft must match one another or poor drivability results.

Based on your knowledge of the Comp 268h, will a stock converter work? I’m making the mistake of assuming since it’s close to a stock cam that it would be compatible.

Yes it will work fine with that cam. Done it myself with both 427 and 428 / C6. I wouldn’t try it with a 390.

I know someone who has a C8ZZ-C radiator in the Ford box its in northern New Jersey.

If it’s for sale and I don’t need a 2nd mortgage please send me the contact info.

I don’t know whats he’s asking but it is a good part it even has a 1969 date on it.

The ‘69 date doesn’t excite me since ideally I would need something before Aug ‘67. But I’ve learned I’m going to have to live with the wrong dates for the most part.

I’m all set on the torque converter. If you have any leads for the starter or radiator they would be much appreciated.

Starter located. It even has a correct date.

Still looking for a radiator. A fan shroud and insulation pad would be great too. But I won’t hold my breath.