It's 6/9 Day! Post your 69 pics!

I stay up too late…late enough to realize it is now 6/9.

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Pole Cat at M1 Pontiac MI

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My first circa 1978

My current as I bought her from John Lawson in W. Jordan, UT in 2000

2003: First time back on the road after tear-down and reassembly (day before vinyl roof install)

NHMC Funspot 2003 1
At the Funspot Car Show in 2003

NHMC Funspot 2003 2
At the Funspot Car Show in 2003

Here is a pic I took in the parking lot of our host hotel, Carlisle 2019.


1st Cougar I knew was my Grandmother’s yellow with parchment saddle colored interior '69 XR7 delivered to Scottsdale, AZ. This could be it?

Looks very much like my 69-sport special I had to sell when I was in the army. It was originally the light aqua, but I repainted it this color when I finished the body work.

I’ve aligned the hood since this picture so the trim meets the eyebrows. Otherwise, yep…I need to get out the buffer!

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awesome 69’s!!!

The car was grandma’s grocery getter in its first life. Been in the family since.


My first was that color with a black vinyl roof and the dark green (ivy gold?) interior. I thought the interior was black until I got a black center console out of the junk yard - it didn’t match!

A few years back.