It's that special time of year, Tomorrow is 6/7 day! Show us your '67 Cougar

Actually our Cougars were introduced in the fall of 1966 so it’s not too early.
Let’s see your '67 Cougars!

This is the way my '67 started out.

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It got better…

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Here’s my ‘67 GT embarking on a 2000 mile trip home

And now. The 390 is done ready to be picked up and coming together hopefully for the summer

I know a '67 big block fan shroud in unobtainium - does anyone have one? It’s the only part non-original to the car

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6/7/68! The vert has parts from both 67 & 68. Mostly 67 interior. :wink:


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Dec 1966 build date

My baby before and after


Miss my 67’… love my 69’… but there was something special about driving the 67’…

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Odd…it’s not June yet.