January 2013 Ride of the Month is: MO2872's '68 Resto Mod

January 2013 Ride of the Month is: MO2872’s '68 Resto Mod

Happy New Year! The Mayans got it wrong and we didn’t go over the fiscal cliff. Whew!

Now we can get back to more serious stuff, like appreciating just how terrific the paint looks on this car. Or how the wheels compliment the color on the roof. And we wonder, is this car really 4 wheel drive!.. Just kidding, but when the owner lives in Oklahoma you never know (I was born there, I should know).

What we do know is that the car started out like this:

And ended up like this:

When does it replace the montage in the upper right corner? :poke: Maybe T3 needs to submit more pics.

It should be up shortly. And I think that we will see more of the car soon.

Yeah, yeah, I’m workin’ on it, Markus. First day back to work SUCKS for playing catch up…will probably be tonight!

Congrats 3. When is Bill mailing your trophy?

Congratulations T3!

Nice one Bruce

Again, congrats!!! your car looks quite nice being Ride of the Month. I showed my wife and she said…“that look nice”…Well Im a little more enthusiastic than that! :thumbup: :clap:

Thanks, guys, it really is nice to see it up there. My ability to “wax eloquent” is not as polished as Bill B’s, but, we’ll give it the ole Okie try…

So, my love of Cougars started like many of yours, at the tender age of 1_(17 for me, you fill in the blank for yours!), however, my love affair involved a 1988 Fox body LS. I didn’t have a clue they were made earlier! This particular LS had been “dressed up” with ground effects, custom wheels, etc, and was dubbed “Prowler” on the tags. I wanted that car, BAD. Dunno why, it just…spoke to me. Being a teen, and the car was virtually new at the time, it was out of my league, so, I forgot about it.

Fast forward a few years, get married, start hanging out with your wifes uncle, who just happens to be a “Ford” nut, albeit Mustangs, and the bug hits again, I’d like a Cougar. Uncle-in-law informs me of the first gen’s at one family-function or another, and after some extensive research, I HAD to have one. Keep in mind, we were still young, getting established, etc, so it was a “one of these days” thing. My wife would roll her eyes, and give her uncle the evil-eye, but, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Fast forward again to 2007, life was good, settled, etc, had some disposable income, so, I brought it up again. Wife was game on TWO conditions, 1)whatever car I picked, Uncle Steve had to approve it, and 2)I had to listen, and take his advice. Deal. So, I call a neighbor that just happened to have a '67, asked if he wanted to sell. Nope, sold it a month before. DOH! But, his brother has a '68, and is in the midst of divorce #3, so he calls the brother. Brother tells him what it is, and what he wants, and where it is so I can go look at it. So, the uncle and I load up to go look that day, since it’s close to his house, even…and we find it as Bill stated:

Owner met us to let us in the fenced area, but, newb/excited as I was, I didn’t take any other pictures from closer range! Uncle gives his blessing, as the car was very clean appearing, other than floor pans, came with a 351C in mid-swap(all it lacked was a carb and buttoning up the fluid lines), and the original 302, and a toploader 4 speed to boot! A deal was made, and, the next day I showed up with a car dolly, and took it home.

I can’t seem to remember my log-in for another photo site that has all the de-construction photo’s on it, so, for the next two years it sat in my garage being disassembled. You know the story, “while I’m this far, I might as well…”…all of these while I’m at its were verified for the wife by her own Uncle, so…it ended up stripped to a shell, parts all over the garage, some in the house(after being restored/refreshed, can’t have them getting crummy in the dirty garage, can we??), waiting on the budgetary chair to OK the trip to blast/metal repair. Welding scared me, at the time…looking back, I should have bought a welder then, I’d have been money ahead.

It eventually made it to the body shop for metal repair, and then home(much longer, and much more $ than originally planned), and sat on my homebuilt body dolly for a while, going through body/paint prep:

It was about that time I tumbled onto Mark’s(Local Hero) thread on MCN about painting The Hero, so, like many others, I PM’d him to plug him for more info, could I do it, etc, etc. He was very helpful, and wished me luck, figuring that would be the last he’d hear from ME…not so fast, there, Bucky…several months later I join up @ The Curb, and he’s there, too…so, I shoot him some pics of “test sprays”, and thank him for his assist, etc, and my “plan” to pull the trigger myself. That turned into the “Email Question of the Day”, and, kudos to him, he answered them all, to the best of his ability. IIRC, the only time he’s ever hesitated, was on questions regarding my “transmission that isn’t clever enough to shift itself…”…

That leads us into paint…I’ll give you the album link, as it’s much better to see the whole weekend process being done. Scroll to the bottom, and start from there… http://s217.beta.photobucket.com/user/mo2872/library/#/user/mo2872/library/Cougar%20paint?&_suid=1357181074183023477368809926846

And, since I’m getting long-winded here, suffice it to say, through the help of the Curbies, CCCF’ers, MCN’ers, and the wifes uncle, the car came together, and made it’s “show debut” at the Tulsa “Cancer Sux” show in May, which I can’t seem to find the pictures for, then the Collinsville, OK, “Hogs n Hot Rods” in June:
(My boys and the two little girls from next door…they’re like siblings…for now)

Then, it’s biggest “show” yet, we(myself, The Heap, Uncle Steve, and his son) spent three days at the Mid-America Shelby Meet, also in June. That turned out to be Uncle Steves last trip anywhere, as he passed away from cancer(thus the debut at "Cancer Sux) in September. He spent July, and most of August in the hospital, then came home, for when he went “home”.
Shelby Meet Cruise night to downtown Tulsa:

Lined up with some other great Cougars/Lincoln-Mercs:

And probably my “proudest” moment so far, The Heap actually took the Lincoln/Merc class at the meet…

Pretty neat “trophy/plaques”, featured a “never released to the public before” photo of Mr. Shelby himself.

Sorry, it got longer than I had anticipated! Many thanks to all who have provided info, support, and just plain old comraderie in this venture!

Oh, and some quick notes on “mods done/planned”…

Custom paint(really?)
Interior color change
LED dash lights (Mustang Project)
Mini-tach (Rocketmans Classic Cougar Innovations)
Wiper delay box(another RCCI, works fantastic, and is “plug and play”)
Headlight relays(RCCI again)
Hydraulic Clutch(my own “figger it out”)
4 wheel power disc brakes

Started, not finished:
Custom console
Custom dash face

In the future:
Power steering

Very impressive what you guys do with these classic cars.
Tear them down to nothing and bring em back to win car shows and ROTM.

Great job T3.

Thanks…but I should confess, there were only 8 L-M’s at the meet, and all the others had been there before. Overheard many people say, “Oh, we’ve never seen this one before…”…Regardless, it was cool. The uncle-in-law had been to 37 of the 38 meets, only missing in 2011 due to just being diagnosed, and in the hospital. So, it was nice 1)he got to see my car on the road, and 2)see it in his favorite show.

He was in the middle of a 65 Fastback resto when he passed(started years before diagnosis), which his son now has. At some point, it’s supposed to take up residence in the House of Heap, for some “weekend work sessions”, so we can complete it.

Congrats on the ROTM win T3 :slight_smile: nice car :slight_smile:

Congrats 3!
It was very cool to see the progress as it was done step-by step and inch by inch.

Congrats on the win T3. Well deserved. Dave

Well deserved buddy. Ya done did good. :beerchug:

:clap: :thumbup:

Nice color !! Nice cat ,GGGGGGRRRRRRRR !!! :thumbup: :ylsuper:

Congratulations, Three, on a well-deserved award. Work that you’ve done keeps me believing that I’ll see my Cat on the road again.

(I’m only gonna say that once, 'cause we all know you’re gonna be positively insufferable 'til the next ROTM is awarded) :poke:

Hey, if I can do it, DD, ANYBODY can do it! Thanks!