Johns Classic Cougars??

Hi Guys,
Do you know if Johns Classic Cougar parts is still in business ?
I ordered some parts 5-6 weeks ago, but havnt heard any thing ?
According to his webb site, its not confirmed as having left .
I have emailed several times for tracking info ,but i get no reply.
How do i know if he has sent the stuff or not.
Im not impressed with his service.Has any one else had recent experience with this place.

I sent an email looking for a part a couple of weeks ago. No reply yet.

They’re on the road a lot attending shows and meets, and they’ve reduced the store hours, but still open. Plus they’ve always been a lot easier to reach via phone than e-mail, in my experience. But Dee can usually be reached through the JCC Facebook page, if you need to contact them electronically. She posted this back in January:

“OH MY!!! I don’t know where these RUMORS are coming from, but PLEASE…WE ARE NOT OUT OF BUSINESS…WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS…WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY KIND OF A TRIP…Unless you consider going to Spring Columbus Swap Meet in April a trip…we call it WORK!!! We have closed on Fridays now so John can get some much needed work done in the back shop, in the yard, & do some running he just can’t find time to do otherwise.
PLEASE let your Club members, Friends, EVERYONE know the RUMORS ARE FALSE!!!
We might only be working 60 instead of 80 hours a week, but we are STILL OPEN & WORKING to help our Cougar Friends with their COUGARS!!!
Thanks! John & Dee”

I have never got John or Dee to get back to me via email. They have always been reachable by phone. John has always given me the best deals on parts I needed, if he had them. Far worth the little extra work it might have taken to get in touch.

According to the JCC website, John & Dee have recently adjusted their business hours.
Detailed info can be read on the JCC home page:

Also, make sure you are using the correct email address for them as it changed a while ago.

Thanks guys,
I used the email on the web site ?
I assumed that is correct ?

Yes, the web page appears to have the correct email address listed.

Its been nearly two months and nothing !
no replies to emails, one unanswered ( internatioan call rates ) phone call.
scince then i have ordered of CJs and get my orders with in week -10 days.
I have just put an order into WCCC, $600, more than i would have paid for similar items from JCC, but at least i can get delivery
in little more than a week to come from the other side of the world, but i get lots of communication from WCCC.
I get zip from JCC.
I have approx $5,000 on my wish list with WCCC, John, you aint gettin it !

In the last 6 months I placed several orders with JCC and had good service. The used pieces were as described and orders were shipped promptly. I had several email exchanges with them without issue. One was for a used piece they didn’t have and I received a response the next day. I’ve never had a reason to phone them so no comment on phone response. Seems to me there might a issue with email address or spam filter as the company has been around for many years.

It’s likely that John & Dee are not receiving your communication attempts. Or, perhaps the difference in your international time zone relative to theirs does not permit them to easily make return phone calls to you. John & Dee run a straight-up & highly respectable business. Their extensive involvement in our Classic Cougar hobby dates back into the early 1980’S. They have both been instrumental in helping to promote the Cougar hobby, and John also served as the National President for the Cougar Club of America (CCOA) in years past. Several of the reproduction items that are readily available for our Cougars, (via JCC & other sources), are the result of John Baumann’s efforts towards developing products to preserve these cars. So, Bluestuff, there is no need to be casting stones here. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

Well said Gary, my thought exactly!

Just spoke to John himself on the phone last week and ordered a replacement fuel / temp gauge for the GT. It’s on the way to Calgary right now…