Junk yards / salvage yards

Hey guys, I’m in the process of restoring a 72 XR7 convertible. The more I dig, the more rust I find. I have purchased some used body parts from Desert Valley Auto parts, but am looking for other sources. It seems like a lot of the junk yards have crushed the older cars and don’t have much of an inventory. Does anyone have any suggestions or have a local junk yard that they can recommend?

You need to put your location in so people can see what is local to you.

I’m in the New Orleans area, but since I’ve ordered parts from Arizona, i’m not too concerned about location. However, it would be nice to find a close yard :slight_smile:

Try WCCC ! http://www.westcoastclassiccougarinc.com/

If your ordering and shipping anyway try wccc like was mentioned above. I have got a few used yard items from them and they where very nice. Call them with your needs and they can make the best attempt to accommodate.

With most classics your going to have to find a yard that specializes in them typically. Most run of the mill yards are only going to have vehicles from the last 20-30yrs at most

When you need quite a few bigger items it is good to keep your eye out for a parts car. Decent ones can be had for under $1000 and once you are done selling leftovers on craiglist and trading smaller items to WCCC for in store credit you will almost always walk away with some folding money above and beyond what you paid. Check out www.searchtempest.com I have scored several dozen cougars this way over the years.

Or, just use WCCC and save your self some time and space. I just went there on Wed. To pick up some parts I had ordered. Great group of people. I ended up getting a warehouse tour, office, and junk yard.
I would say that they have just about everything you could ever need. This is a Cougar only full several acre yard! I have found them to be great to deal with. Both Junior and Daryl are very knowledgible. Spent over 2 hours there and could have stayed another 2.