Just a beautiful day in Oregon to spend with my Cougar

Waxed the Cougar and pulled it out of the garage and snapped a picture in front of my house:

NOT! This is the Frank Manor house on the campus of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement projects for several weeks, and hadn’t taken the time to enjoy my car as much as I’d like during this great summer weather we’ve been having. So, today, I enjoyed some car time. Just thought I’d share with y’all.

Very nice :slight_smile:

I was thinking Holy $hit, nice house.
Good one.

Nice Cat.

Lol…I almost bought it! I was thinking, “Dang, where’s the Bentley you keep next to Kitty?”

Nice Cougar, here’s a '67 Shout Out from Beaverton! ( I’ll have to post a pic of mine in front of Pittock Mansion and try to pull that one off!)

LMAO, I was about to recant my ROTM nomination, Rod…nice pic!

Stunning car & stunning property. win win

Oh yea, and thanks to you mo2872 for the nomination. Sorry I am so late in saying so. I have enjoyed watching ROTM voting each month. I, of course, love my car (we’ve been together a long time!), but can’t bring myself to vote for my own. This time around I voted for the Black 67. Hey devildog, I agree that the Pittock would be a great photo shoot site too!

I thought this angle turned out nice too;

That’s a cool picture right there…:thumbup:

I have to agree 100% great picture. It would make for a perfect calender picture.