Just a other new proud owner

:smiley: finally just fine mine , it was love at the first sign 40+ years ago when I first see a 67 cougar riding my BMX . Take me all this time to own one . As expected is not perfect even not that hard too find , just a base one… but black on black as every nice car I have own , a old school build 289 on 14 inch cragar ss , sleeping for years in a back yard garage far from the big town. 109 OOO miles on the gage but complete , still on full drum break set up , just a little rip on the driver seat and few dig on the rear glass molding. The paint really need a compound for now but a complete body work will fallow soon it a a must down there we can see the bubble on the rocker panel but nothing to bad. The old two barrel carb and intake manifold was replaced by the last owner the first years , a old set of headers and a small cam was add later but he don t remember the specs , nothing to scare anyone on board but I love it. Making me fell 40 years younger again driving it down the street. It a smell the 70 sound the 70 and perform as a teen car too. How can you hate that loll

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Body looks to be in good shape. Have fun with the new to you Cougar.

Congratulations on the new ride!

Interior pics?!

Just curious what you paid for it. If I may ask.



Cool :sunglasses: